Geometric Cups

My work is informed by my contemporary art upbringing, taking influence from abstract geometric forms found in both urban and rural environments. The handmade and small batch ceramic objects I produce cross boundaries between functional ceramics, design, and sculpture. Porcelain is my clay of choice for its whiteness and translucency, though I frequently utilize earthenware and stoneware clays as well.

Born and raised in Cleveland, OH, I received my BFA in Ceramics from Bowling Green State University and my MFA from the University of Minnesota-Twin Cities. I recently returned to my hometown to pursue my artistic career after living in Minneapolis, MN for close to seven years. 

In addition to the functional work featured here, I make installation and sculptural work, and public and private commissions. See more of my work at  

My studio, located at The Screw Factory is part work space, part classroom, and part gallery. Check out the class lineup and register for classes here. Would you like more information about upcoming events? Check out my news page!

I love working one-on-one with clients. Please contact me at to discuss commissions for custom items, registering for your wedding, or adding my work to your gallery.